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This email setup is only for Web'N'More customers, if using a different hosting your settings may vary

Here's a troubleshooting guide to setting up email. 99% of all email issues result from improper settings on the client's email program. Be sure to follow through this troubleshooting guide, before you submit a ticket to the helpdesk. 

Troubleshooting Step 1.

Make sure that the domain that is having email issues, has not expired. If the domain registration has expired, you won't have email access for that domain. A great indication of this is to visit and see if your site is down for just you or everyone.

Troubleshooting Step 2.

Make sure that the email account's username does not contain any capital letters that are not meant to be there. So this is wrong - and this is correct -

Troubleshooting Step 3.

Make sure that the domain having email problems, is fully propagated and using the correct nameservers for their DNS. You cannot use email before the domain is propagated, this usually takes 4-48 hours.

Check IntoDNS checks the health and configuration and provides DNS report and mail servers report.

Troubleshooting Step 4.

Make sure that the domain that is having email issues, has enough disk space assigned to it or available. If your domain is over its allotted disk space, then this will cause email issues. You can check to see the domain's disk space by accessing your Control Panel by logging in here, remember set you email program to remove emails from the server after a certain time, this would depend on how long you require it to be kept as a copy on the server. Most people do not need to keep copies, so immediately would be fine.

If your using IMAP on your home or work computer, this may be the reason for not having much disk space left. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Troubleshooting Step 5.

Also make sure that the email account has enough email disk space assigned to it. This is the amount of disk space that you have created your email account with. So check in your Cpanel >> "Mail Management" >> "POP Email Accounts" >> then click on the Edit Quota link [could be different for different cPanel skins] >> then add more disk space there.

Troubleshooting Step 6.

Make sure that you tick the box that says "My server requires Authentication" or with Ipad's and Iphones, Authentication is "Password" in your outgoing mail server

Troubleshooting Step 7.

Make sure that you have your full email address as your username and it is spelt correctly with no capitals where there should not be one.

Troubleshooting Step 8.

Make sure that you have the correct domain name in the incoming and outgoing mail servers,

Troubleshooting Step 9.

Ensure your not blocked from the server if your a cPanel01 customer, our server has very tight security settings and will block what it thinks is a potential threat. This will mean you can not view your website, check emails or log into FTP or cPanel. To check this, log into your client account and click on the link in the tab called "Services" there you will find your hosting account, in the left navigation, click "Manage Firewall". It would have automatically checked your IP in the left column, you can choose to upblock your ip, found at

If you have checked all your settings, followed the above 9 steps and your email is still not working, open a ticket in your account, and we'll troubleshoot the issue for you. Be sure to include the following information in your ticket regarding an email issue -

1. email address: 

2. Email program used:

3. Email Username: 

4. Email Password: 

5. SMTP server: 

6. POP server: 

7. Server Requires Authentication (checked or unchecked.): 

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